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Got Bored With The Usual Gifts? Try Plants Gifts To Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy

by Elaina

Urbanization led to the web of concrete, and that disbalances the ecosystem because of deforestation. We all are familiar with the importance of plants as they provide oxygen which is vital for human beings, but the lack of plants results in the rise of pollution and adversely affects humans. So, gifting plants to loved ones on any occasion serves dual purposes, i.e., beneficial for the receiver in matters of health, and other fulfilled purpose is the balance of an ecosystem. In this article, you will get to know about various ranges of plant gifts, so let’s begin the journey.

Plants usually perform the photosynthesis process for their survival and for that, they take direct sunlight, but there are some indoor plants that can even survive through indirect sunlight and releases fresh oxygen. In addition to that, some plants are very much helpful to humans as they act as an agent in removing stress and anxiety. So, here such pivotal plants are described that will help you to gift the same to your loved ones.

1] Bonsai Tree

The Bonsai tree is a beautiful and adorable plant gift that not only enhances the interior of the house but also acts as an air purifier. This tree can be grown in any environment, but it needs regular watering and proper care. In addition to that, if your gift receiver is having a health issue, such as coughs, asthma, sore throat, and others then this tree will be quite helpful.

The Bonsai tree has a long life, and all of it needs proper care, so gifting such a plant will be a good decision. You can easily order a Bonsai Tree online from trustworthy portals to give it away as a gift to your loved ones living far from you.

2] Aloe Vera Plant

Most people are familiar with this plant and its originating place, i.e., Arabian Peninsula. Aloe Vera has multiple health benefits, and it is also used for medical purposes. Gifting this plant will resemble your care metrics for the receiver as it will serve a dual purpose. First, the consumption of this plant will reduce heartburn, lower blood sugar, fight against breast cancer, and is best used for skin care.

The Aloe Vera plants can be best suited for the interior and make the house classy, and thus it fulfills its second purpose. So, if you are looking for plant gifts that offer multiple benefits, then Aloe Vera is ideal for you.

3] Lucky Bamboo Plant

The bamboo plant has great significance in human life; according to Vaastu Sastra, it has been said that this plant brings good luck and wealth. Moreover, this plant is also good for health as it acts as an air purifier that removes harmful pollutants, including benzene.

The bamboo plant needs less care as it can grow in low sunlight, so it reduces caring time & effort. Furthermore, the bamboo plant is good for home decoration and can be kept in any prime location of a house. If you consider all the aspects of bamboo plants, then you can definitely choose the same to gift to someone or loved ones.

4] Jade Plant

The next gifting plant on the list is the Jade plant which is quite popular among people. This plant has thick stems and lustrous green leaves that fit as a perfect miniature of a big tree. In general, it grows up to 10 feet and offers white or pink flowers. In addition to that, the Jade plant requires less maintenance, such as less fertilizer and four to six hours of direct sunlight, and grows in a moderate temperature.

The Jade plant is primarily known for home decoration, and you can gift the same to your loved ones to enhance his/her home interior. Such a plant is easily available in the florist shops, but if you are looking to gift these plants online, you can find ample platforms and choose the one to shop the same.

Moreover, on an online platform, you will get a wide range of decorative Jade plants, and they differ as per the pot, such as Jade plants in Cardboard boxes, Champagne planners, Glass Vases, and many more. Hence, choose the one as per the design and interior of the receiver’s house and give him/her the best gift in the form of a plant that he/she has never expected.

5] Tulsi Plant (Holy Basil)

The Tulsi plant has great significance in India as it is a sacred plant that is worshipped by Hindus. Moreover, this plant has great health benefits, including an immunity booster, reduces joint pains, gives great relief in colds and coughs, and chewing the Tulsi leaves kicks off tobacco addiction. So, it’s a great plant gift that you can give to your loved ones to keep him/her healthy, and also this plant enhances the home’s interior.

Bottom Line

A gift is an item that shows how much you love and care for your loved ones, there are many fancy gifts available in the shops, but if you try something new, then it will surprise him/her. Plants play an important role in human life as they act as air purifiers, and even some plants can heal the person suffering from the diseases such as colds & coughs, asthma, blood pressure, high sugar, and many more. Hence, you must gift such plants which are beneficial for your loved ones.

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