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Understanding Smart Home Automation

by Elaina

We are living in a world that thrives on the latest technology. Any and all old tech not worth using is obsolete in our lives. People rely on fast tech gadgets that offer them a flawless experience of the smart life they want. Smart home automation is one of the latest technology modifying lives worldwide.

Understanding how it works and getting hands-on with it is crucial for smart living. Smart home automation is the future. It will assist you in providing the best home security, control, and smart automation at your fingertips. Let’s picture this, you can control all the electrical appliances of your house with your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Sounds innovative, right? However, you should ensure a flawless internet connection is installed in your house as this and any latest technology feeds on fast internet. Investing in the best internet service provider is something you must take pretty seriously.

Isn’t it just flabbergasting that you can unlock the front door using your phone? The moment you enter your home, the sensors switch the lights on, and you ask the virtual assistant to make a cup of coffee for you.

Moreover, you come home daily to a clean house as a robotic vacuum cleans the place. Your thermostat senses that no one’s home and dials down the heating system or air conditioning to cut off the cost of the electricity bill. Also, you can always monitor your house with HD cameras installed with a hi-tech smart security system even if you are at work or out with friends.

Automate your home and take control of your life for a smart and flawless experience through your smartphone. With a few smart products, turn this dream into a reality today. Let us know more about smart home automation by getting more in-detailed information.

Control Your Smart Home

All you need is a dedicated mobile app and a Wi-Fi network to control all the basic functions of your smart home. Get a new product and add it to the Wi-Fi at your home, download the relevant app, and get started in no time.

Some devices work with different generic wireless protocols like Z-wave and ZigBee. They are helpful to make your devices communicate with a hub (Matter). What’s Matter? It is a smart home standard that will help all devices in a smart home to be controlled with a single app.

Today, multiple apps are required to control different electrical appliances in your home. There’s not one app to help you control all the electrical appliances in your home, not yet. It can be hectic sometimes to scroll through your phone and open the relevant app to get the front door unlocked and then find another to switch on the coffee machine.

This is what the experts are working on. It will provide users with an opportunity to control their smart home appliances with a single app. Sounds good, right?

Matter will allow your smart devices to communicate with each other using a single app and voice assistants. Some devices are only functional with Google Assistant, or Siri. However, Matter will ensure that such devices are compatible with every voice assistant to make things easier for users.

Get Started Right Away

Heartened to get started instantly? We get that! Many Americans want to take things to their comfort to the next level and smart home automation is the best way to do it. However, you should start off by getting used to the few devices first and then move up to have a better understanding of how it works.

Moreover, it is recommended to get smart devices that are universally compatible so that they don’t conflict in the future. We have covered various smart home device categories to help you get started right away. It depends on your preference and what device or devices you decide to go with.

Let us get straight to them.

  • Voice Control Assistant – Best Place to Begin

It is always cool to control the gadgets in your smart home with voice. For this, it is essential that voice control is supported in the devices you set up in the smart home. You can have the bulbs, air conditioning, and coffee machine, controlled by speaking.

Various famous voice assistants can be used to do the job like Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa. Thanks to Amazon’s collection of echo speakers, it offers a vast range of choices.

On the other hand, Google has less number of Nest speakers and Apple is limited to HomePod mini. The devices in your smart can be connected to any of the above-mentioned voice assistants if they support them. This way, you can have your smart devices controlled by speaking, such as switching off the lights when you are in the bed.

You can also get voice assistant controls that offer a smart screen. It can help control your smart devices with your fingertips as well. This comes in handy if you don’t want to wake up anyone sleeping in the room by speaking.

A fast internet connection is a necessity for a voice control assistant to work smoothly. You can inquire Spectrum customer service about their various internet plans and ensure to get the best one.

  • Smart Plug to Automate the Old Tech

Before going shopping to get new smart home products, you must know that buying smart plugs will help you transform your everyday-use devices like coffee makers and lamps into smart devices that will be controlled with your phone.

You just have to plug them into the wall outlets and then download the relevant app to control them. After that, connect the smart plugs to your non-smart devices, and voila they are ready to be controlled smartly. However, it does not mean that the old devices will be able to do something extra.

To give an idea, the bulbs will not be changing colors, but they will be able to be controlled from a mobile app. Moreover, certain smart plugs can be controlled even with voice commands and tell you how much power has been utilized in a particular time period.

Also, some weather-resistance smart plugs can be placed even outside your home. On top of that, many smart plugs can also communicate with other smart devices as well. For example, you can set a light to be turned on if your camera detects someone on the porch in the middle of the night totally unannounced.

  • Exchange Your Bulbs for Brighter Ones

With the help of smart light bulbs, you can control a group of lights or even individual lights easily. Using your smartphone, you can change the colors by editing them based on your preference.

You can make them dim when it’s bedtime and make them shine bright at the dinner table. It depends on you as you’re the one in control. Moreover, such lights can be installed in the same way you install regular lights, which makes things even easier.

These smart lights can be found on Amazon with ease. If you don’t find smart bulbs appealing, you may be interested in a wall switch, which can help you control light fixtures already existing in your house.

The installation process of these types of switches often requires you to work with high-voltage electricity. If you are not comfortable, we recommend you hire a professional to get it done for you.

  • Smart Thermostat

Thanks to a smart thermostat, you can now control the heating system or air conditioning in your house through your smartphone. You can also adjust the temperature automatically based on what time of the day it is and your current location.

Various models work with room sensors and provide uniform heating and cooling all over your house. Smart thermostats can be installed easily in your home, but they require low-volt wiring and maybe some light drilling as well.

Take Your Home Security to the Next Level

  • Doorbells

Using smart locks allows you to unlock all the doors of your home with your smartphone. Moreover, you can also set time-specific or permanent access for your family member friend, and relatives.

You can also use voice commands to make things easy. On top of that, fingerprints are another option to consider that can lock and unlock the doors for you. The majority of smart locks are pretty easy to install, but some of them require you to replace single interior components sometimes.

With the help of smart doorbells, you can see and speak to anyone who shows up at your front door. This can prevent a stranger to enter the house to avoid anything bad from happening. It does not matter if you are at work as you can view the recordings on your smartphone.

Many doorbells pair with cameras, which gives a whole system of devices that can detect motion, save recordings, and send alerts. You will need to work with low-voltage wiring with some doorbells, but some models run on a battery and can be installed within minutes.

  • Cameras

The security cameras indoors and outside enable you to monitor all the activities around and in your house. Such cameras now rely on sensors as well to detect motion and capture the activity with HD sound.

Some indoor cameras are capable to provide a 360-degree view of the room it is placed in. Moreover, they come with an option to store recordings in the cloud and locally as well. On the other hand, outdoor cameras are designed in a way that they are equipped with floodlights for illuminating the front yard and driveway.

However, you should expect to deal with a lot of wiring. To avoid dealing with the wiring, you can get a wireless outdoor camera which can be installed pretty easily. If you want door sensors, outdoor and indoor cameras, sirens, and highly sensitive motion sensors, you should go for a full-on home security system instead of buying these devices separately.

Beyond the Back Door

All the categories discussed above are only the tip of a giant iceberg. Ongoing much deeper you will find many smart systems that can help you automate more of the daily-day tasks that will no longer need human interaction.

To name a few, there’s a smart water sprinkling system that will water your lawn depending on the weather situation. Robotic lawnmowers to keep the grass in your backyard under control.

Also, you can have the recipe programmed that will smartly grill perfectly smoked ribs and other barbecued items.

Don’t Keep Your Expectation Too High, Not Yet

It is true that smart home automation may have surprised many of you. However, it is best that you don’t depend too much on them. They are smart, yes, but still there has not been an app that can take over all the daily home chores and automate them.

This is why it is essential that you don’t keep your hopes too high. It is best that you target the main pain points you have and let smart home automation take care of them. Keeping your expectations in check will make you see smart home automation be pretty convenient.

Lastly, it is imperative that you give this technology a try as it’s the future. The experts in the relevant fields are working day and night to take the internet of things to the next level, and the time is not far when they will succeed.

Check out these TV and Internet packages as they are pretty affordable and offer a fast connection to support your smart home to function at its fullest.

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