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Unmatched Quality and Versatility with Gozney Dome Pizza Oven from BBQs 2u!

by Elaina

If you are familiar with BBQs 2u, then you will surely agree that this family-based company is very passionate about barbeques and grilled foods. These days the company is engaged in selling ovens of different brands for making such foods at your home kitchen.

BBQs 2u is now introducing the Gozney Dome, a groundbreaking dual-fuel oven merging ancient fire cooking techniques with modern innovation. Renowned for its exceptional insulation, it ensures consistent high temperatures, achieving the perfect golden-brown pizza crust.

Crafted for durability and top performance, the Dome consistently delivers exceptional cooking results.

Pizza, a cherished global favourite for generations, reaches its pinnacle when homemade. Savouring a crispy crust and gooey cheese from your kitchen is unparalleled. Gozney Dome Pizza Oven offers the essential equipment to achieve pizza perfection, making every bite memorable.

First impressions of this oven

Social media buzzed with excitement over this oven, selling out worldwide in just 8 hours, yet still struggling to meet demand. While living up to expectations, the fully boxed oven’s size may surprise, potentially obstructing entryways in moderately sized homes.Top of Form

Cooking with wood

Cooking with wood in an outdoor oven can seem daunting, but this is where Gozney excels. With a range of accessories, you can easily convert the oven into a smoker for succulent braised pork shoulder or utilize it as a steam-injection oven for baking artisan bread.

The Dome boasts ample space to build a fire directly inside, reminiscent of professional restaurant ovens. While many wood-fired pizza ovens feature a separate wood chamber at the back, the Dome’s fire is positioned directly on the stone floor. Once preheated, you can easily regulate the fire’s temperature using the airflow control dial.

Cooking with natural gas/propane

When utilizing propane or natural gas, the oven’s arched ceiling design generates a captivating tower of flames that cascade over the ceiling, enveloping the entire oven.

This not only creates a striking visual, but also effectively heats the pizza toppings from above, while the preheated stone crisps and puffs up the dough for an exceptional pizza experience.

Easily manage flames with propane or natural gas by adjusting the dial, enabling the oven to reach temperatures as high as 950°F. If the flame inadvertently extinguishes due to low settings, there is no need to fret—the unit features a built-in pilot light, swiftly reigniting once gas flow is increased, ensuring uninterrupted cooking performance.

During the initial use, it is recommended to heat the oven on medium-low for 30 minutes to cure the stone. This step should be repeated if the oven remains inactive for an extended period, ensuring optimal performance.

Opting for the dual-fuel option allows seamless switching between fuel methods. When cooking with wood, Gozney provides a small puck to cover the propane burner (located on the left side).

For propane sessions, simply move the puck to cover the air intake valve on the right side, ensuring the full surface area remains available for cooking. This convenient feature optimizes versatility and ease of use for all cooking preferences.

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