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Technology Transfer Study – Pathfinders for Independent Living, Inc

by Elaina

Pathfinders for Independent Living, Inc., a nonprofit company, was established after the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA.) Pathfinders provides info and also aid to elderly and impaired individuals and their caregivers on exactly how to live as separately as feasible. Its core worth is to Promote Self-sufficiency. The society within Pathfinders is one of pleasant assistance. Pathfinders’ IT management proposed a task to layout and also build a network facilities that would certainly supply security for delicate data, information storage, Internet gain access to, e-mail access, upgraded applications and hardware, as well as individual training. Changing the setting would affect the organizational framework as well as culture of Pathfinders. This paper reviews the business adjustments that happened due a modification in technology.

Modern technology Transfer

Modern technology transfer defines tasks that have the objective of developing quantifiable procedure renovation through the fostering of new techniques. Assistive innovation minimizes the gap experienced by handicapped and elderly individuals in completing day-to-day tasks. Some of these innovations are text telephones, Braille computer screens, infrared aiming tools, man-made limbs, and also assistive software. Introducing and encouraging using these innovations as well as lots of others to Pathfinders’ consumers, is an obligation of the independent living specialists.

The independent living experts help the customers in recognizing the assistive modern technologies needed, applying for moneying to acquire the technologies, and informing the general public on the various modern technologies readily available. Nonetheless to supply its services to its customers, Pathfinders had to adjust to current information technologies.

A Technique for Innovation Transfer

Acknowledging the connection in between technology transfer as well as process improvement is basic to Pathfinders’ strategy to transform. Technology can not be transformed without some effect on the process or personnel that utilize the innovation, be it an increase in efficiency, a reduction in cost, or a fundamental change in technique. A variety of key problems had to be resolved for the technology to be effectively moved. These are separated into a number of classifications; innovation problems, process adjustments, and modifications in culture.

Innovation Issues

Pathfinders would sign up with the Details Age by setting up, new computers, file servers, network printers, a computer network (LAN), and also Web access. The installation procedure needed preparing the Computers prior to providing them to Pathfinders, then a browse through to the workplace website to construct the network and also release the devices. The PCs were standardized on Microsoft applications. Following the installment of the network, etc, training on making use of the software application was offered. With the installation of the infrastructure full, each independent living expert and also the executive director had a personal computer, email, and also Web access.

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