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Children and Internet Screen Time

by Elaina

With content consumption on the internet becoming a norm in every household, it is crucial to keep a check on your kids regarding how much time they are spending there. There are various ways kids spend their time on the internet these days. Be it an online video game, cartoons, or scrolling their parent’s social media, all of it can be harmful if there is no supervision.

It doesn’t mean that one should fully block internet access for their kids as most schools are practicing online education outside school hours as well. Check out these Spectrum packages for educational purposes and select the best one that suits you. However, if a kid is younger than 2 years, there should be no screen time at all. And screen time for kids above 2 has to be carefully monitored as well.

After covid struck the world, everyone was forced to stay in their homes. This was the time when kids were recorded as having excessive screen time. Multiple risks come with increased screen time and parents need to be extra cautious of that. Parents do not always know what their kids are doing on the internet, which comes with a lot of risks.

Risks of Excessive Screen Time in Kids

To help you better understand the risks that come with increased screen time for kids, we have discussed them below;

  • Obesity

The more screen time your kid has, the more risk he/she will have of getting overweight. One of the major reasons that cause this to happen is placing the TV or other screen electronics in your children’s room.

Moreover, kids can also generate an appetite for junk food that is rapidly promoted in the ads they constantly consume. This has led many kids to get overweight which is risky and not at all healthy.

  • Irregular Sleep

Children spending more time on TV, smartphones, tablets, or any other electronic device ends up disturbing their sleeping cycle. Due to sleep loss, a kid can experience fatigue.

Children with irregular sleep cycles are always tired and sleepy in school. This greatly impacts their academic performance as well.

  • Behavioral Problems

Children who spend more than two hours every day watching TV and playing video games on the computer or smartphone are most likely to generate emotional, attention, and social problems. Taking such devices away from them makes them angry.

  • Violence

Playing violent video games has been linked to making children to less likely be shocked at scenes of violence, such as cruelty, suffering, etc. This can make such children accept violence as a normal way of living. You should find internet service provider that offers parental controls to ensure your kids never consume violent content. Visit us to get the best internet deal available in your area.

  • Less Time for Physical Activities

Excessive internet screen time can cut off physical activities for your child. Physical activities are important for a child to build strong muscles and bones. Other benefits are reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and health conditions

Simple Measures to Reduce Screen Time

Here are simple steps to help you reduce the screen time of your kids;

  • Eliminating Background TV

Ensure to turn off the TV even if it’s in the background as it can draw your kid’s attention. If no one’s actively watching the TV, always keep it turned off.

  • Remove TV, Smartphones, and Tablets from Their Room

It will be helpful if you remove all the electronic devices from your children’s room. This will not remind your kids to always be using them. Instead, you can put such devices in the common area where you can monitor the screen time of your kids with ease.

  • Never Let Your Children Eat in Front of a Screen

Eating in front of an electronic device increases screen time. This habit can encourage kids to munch mindlessly, which can cause them to put on extra weight.

  • Spend Time with Your Kids and Indulge in Physical Activities

Getting involved with children in sports activities outside the home is a great way to reduce their screen time. Moreover, being physically active will be good for your kids and you as well.


Parents may not realize how much screen time their children are getting daily. The best way to know that is by actively monitoring it, and talking to your children about the benefits of being physically active. In the start, it will be difficult to limit your kid’s physical activities, however, with new rules and small changes you will get there.

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